Parking White Plains NY | WPBID White Plains Business Improvement District


Blue area = White Plains BID Area

Parking is available on the street and in the following City-owned parking structures and lots:
 •  Chester-Maple Garage, 9 Chester Avenue
 •  Court Street Lot, 125 Court Street
 •  Hamilton-Main Garage, 365 Hamilton Avenue
 •  Lexington-Grove East Garage (Galleria), 100 Main Street
 •  Lexington-Grove West Garage (Galleria), 100 Main Street
 •  Library Garage, 100 Martine Avenue
 •  Longview-Cromwell Garage, 11 Longview Avenue
 •  Lyon Place Garage, 5 Lyon Place
 •  Mamaroneck Avenue Lot, 540 Mamaroneck Avenue
 •  Quarropas Lot, 99 Court Street
 •  Shapham Place Lot, 17 Shapham Place
 •  TransCenter Garage, 11 Ferris Avenue
 •  Waller-Maple Lot, 25 Waller Avenue
 •  White Plains Center Garage (City Center), 237 Martine Avenue


Pay for parking using your phone without having to go to a meter. Download the free ParkWhitePlains app!


ParkWhitePlains features:
 •  Available in most City-owned parking structures, lots and street meters
 •  Sends mobile alerts before time expires
 •  Allows users to extend parking time remotely, up to the maximum time allowed per posted signage
 •  Displays public garages and lots convenient to where you want to go
 •  Provides merchant validation option, offering merchants the opportunity to pay for all or part of a customer’s parking session.