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Shop White Plains For Vendors

Drive traffic to your business!

Become a member of the Shop White Plains Discount Card Program. Participation is FREE to all businesses in the White Plains Downtown Business District. To sign up, please fill out the registration form at the link below and return it to the BID as indicated on the form.
Register to be a member of the Shop White Plains Discount Card program.


How the program works

Shoppers who sign up for the program on our website receive a discount on the goods or services you provide. The discount can be in the form of markdowns, giveaways with purchase, and a percentage off all items or specific items. You may even offer the discount on specific days of the week if you so choose. You are able to modify your discount anytime to meet your business goals. Simply send the update to


How it will drive traffic to your business

The program will be available to the general public via the Shop White Plains homepage, and the card will be distributed to all the colleges and universities in the White Plains area.


All participating vendors will be listed on the Shop White Plains homepage with their location, contact information, discounts and website link. Every week one participating merchant will be highlighted in the “Discount of the Week” section of our weekly e-blast newsletter.



You must be located within the BID boundaries to participate.
Not sure you are in the BID? Email for verification of your address.


Store offers are not to be combined with any other coupons or discounts. Participating businesses are supporters of the White Plains BID, but are completely independent of the BID; participation in this program does not signify explicit endorsement by the BID. Vendor participation is valid indefinitely, unless otherwise specified by the vendor or the BID. Program is for current Shop White Plains discount card members and is contingent upon presentation of discount card at the time of service.